Why Filmmakers Choose Photo and Video Equipment Rentals Instead of Buying Hardware?

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The constantly changing world dictates its rules and brings more and more developments to various spheres of our life, industries, areas of activities, and so on. The film industry and cinematography are not exceptions. Filmmakers and photographers face many challenges caused by the speedy tech progression and innovations that appear every day.

It goes without saying that production companies, animation specialists, bloggers, film directors, and other representatives of this industry would like to rank among the first when it comes to market entries and new solutions that simplify their routine tasks and increase the quality of their content. One of the 2020 trends that are going to be followed next year is photo and video equipment rentals.

It means that filmmakers and photographers prefer borrowing cameras, lights, support stands, and other facilities instead of purchasing them. Today, we are going to get the gasp on the main reasons for this trend and draw some conclusions related to this actual question. The BorrowPort team decided to initiate its own survey to analyze customer benefits, quality-cost ratios, and other aspects. But first, take a closer look at the statistics of the UK film production sector to realize the scale of the issue we are going to discuss.

The UK Film Production Market Statistics

It is worth noting that Great Britain ranks among the flagship countries that make a specialty out of film-producing products including animation, motion picture, and other items related to cinematography directions. The latest statistics prove the fact that the UK film-producing market is constantly growing:

  • Great Britain generated a total spend of £1.95 billion in 2019. The 2020 showings are expected to be twice higher.
  • The 2019 total spend is 17% higher than in 2018. The 2020 total spend is expected to double and would be equal to £3,9 billion.
  • The UK film production market is notable with the high-grade creativity and expertise of the filmmakers, photographers, and other representatives of their crews.

To sum up, the British film production market continues growing and keeps following trends and advanced approaches when it comes to the filming process and quality of the video and photo content. As can be seen, the main trending direction of 2020 and afteryears is hardware rentals.

Reasons to Rent Photo and Video Hardware

First of all, nowadays is the era of digital technologies with video and photo content booming. British filmmakers and photographers faced a hyper-extensive mode of commercial manufacture and distribution of the photo and video hardware. It is well-understandable that market entries that appear every month, week, or even every day are better than previous models. For the film-making industry, the aspect of quality is the most essential, so constant refreshments of the equipment sets are required.

These are huge investments that can be overpassed with the help of video and photo hardware rental services. This is the main reason why representatives of the British film production sector prefer borrowing equipment of their interest instead of purchasing more and more tech items for filming and photo-making. This way, most modern filmmakers and photographers obviate the necessity to spend much money on hardware or trade quality for the cost-efficient project accomplishment.

Additionally, the sharing economy model with unlimited opportunities for hardware rentals allows filmmakers to avoid the negative impact of quickly-outdated technical units when it comes to various stages of their key processes.

It is impossible not to mention one more reason to give preference to the borrowing of the photo and video equipment. This is the eco-friendliness of this solution. One of the most popular trends is the circular economy with the sustainability of products. The BorrowPort peer-to-peer marketplace supports a great idea of local rentals for the sake of environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

To summarize, there are three main reasons to rent hardware if you are a filmmaker or a photographer:

  1. Comfort and cost-effectiveness – it is possible to borrow absolutely appropriate equipment that meets the requirements and individual specifications of your project.
  2. Eco-friendliness – no need to buy new hardware but a great way to support sustainability and circular economy.
  3. In-full-possession equipment – photographers and filmmakers can be sure that their facilities never become outdated because they always have an opportunity to borrow new ones.

The BorrowPort marketplace is the ideal place for British filmmakers to realize all benefits of the sharing economy concept for their professional tasks. It is possible to rent any hardware from local lenders at a reasonable price while saving money for other accommodations.

What Comes Next?

People continue watching videos on YouTube, films, and cartoons on Netflix and other TV platforms. It means that the boom in photo- and video content production will not disappear. To stay up to date, filmmakers and photographers should be flexible and well-prepared for new market entries, customer demands, and trends.

The sharing economy prevents most of the issues related to tech development and advancements. If you create photo and video content and are not ready with its quality, hardware rentals are a perfect solution. Borrow video cameras, 3D printers, drones, and other facilities. Some experts believe that very soon media companies will not own any equipment but will rent it locally.If you make sense of photo and video equipment rentals, join the BorrowPort community and become a borrower of any catalog position you need right now. At the same time, you are able to offer your own hardware and to other people and support the idea of sustainable products, and monetize your low-use goods.

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