Retail and Consumer Goods Sharing – What Are the Main Trends of 2021 to Take into Account

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The sharing economy starts its new stage of progress in the global arena. More and more consumers decide to rent some retail and consumer goods with the help of new peer-to-peer models available on the present-day market. 2020 with coronavirus and the year of lockdown brought new trends to sharing economy approaches.

The BorrowPort team is ready to share the most interesting facts and ideas that are observed in the world. See like other people earn money and save funds with the help of the sharing economy and peer-to-peer platforms.

The Number of Lenders Increases

The sharing economy is one more way to earn money. How? This is easy as ABC. People around the world offer their goods on the peer-to-peer marketplaces, and borrowers see available deals on the special-purpose platforms. This way both parties stay pleased with the final result.

According to the latest research, lenders prefer to share their bicycles, electronic supplies, photo and video facilities (gadgets, cameras, etc.), decorations, and so on. It means that if you obtain some goods that you rarely use, the best variant is to lend them to those who are searching for them. For example, your windsurfing board or camping accommodations are stored in the garage or attic from summer to summer.

If you do not plan a vacation soon, offer your equipment on the sharing marketplace and get a profit. This trend should be taken into consideration for sure because retail and consumer sharing is a profitable idea for each participant in rental sessions.

An Absolutely Customized Approach

Maybe several years ago it would be impossible to find a product of your purpose fast and trouble-free. The peer-to-peer platforms only started their activities and tried to meet consumers’ expectations. But only now we can see a well-thought approach to each sharing issue. For example, one of the ways to customize rental services is to provide them locally.

Besides eye-catching interfaces and user-friendly websites, sharing economy representatives that provide rental services in the sphere of retail and consumer goods sharing, offered their clients an exclusive capability to order anything from local lenders. For example, mister John is searching a camping tent in London for his two-week voyage to Spain. What do the sharing marketplace offer:

  • Local lenders with camping tents to choose from;
  • Recommendations in the nearest areas (cities next to London);
  • A wide range of other offerings throughout England.

An absolutely customized approach is highly valued by consumers and this is one more trend of 2020. Localization of available rental services is time-saving and very convenient. That is why the number of borrowers continues to grow!

First to Try, Then – to Buy

One more trend to take into consideration either you are a borrower or lender. We live in a very changing world. So, there are numerous market entries to try and to select from. If you are dreaming about your new drone but you are not ready to purchase it, rent this model first! An excellent solution that is used by clever drivers for dozens of years. Have you heard about test drives? It is something like that!

First, you find the object of your interest in the sharing platform. Then, you examine your potential purchase. If you are glad about its performance, with its design, and other specifications, it is high time to buy these goods. Just one more life hack for you!The BorrowPort is your ideal assistant when it comes to retail and consumer goods to rent. Our marketplace is open both for lenders and borrowers from Great Britain. Follow trends – join our sharing community!

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