Local Rentals for Filmmakers: Four Key Reasons Why to Borrow Hardware from Peers

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It is difficult to find people who do not watch TV shows, YouTube, Netflix, and vines on social networks. Video content is extremely popular nowadays. Everyone can find the genre of their interest and plunge into the world of modern cinematography and blogging.

Filmmakers and photographers who create this content for Internet users and TV viewers need to be flexible according to the hot-topic trends in the film-production industry. Why? To create qualitative videos and photos while using the best hardware and accessories for filming. The challenge filmmakers face constantly is outdated film equipment that should be swapped out to new facilities regularly.

Local Rentals as the Way Out for Filmmakers and Photographers

The perfect solution to avoid such huge investments that take place almost every month is to rent cameras, lenses, or stands, and other equipment or add-ons for filming from local peers. There are many willing next-door lenders who are ready to provide you access to their own hardware for any period of time. A great deal for both parties is guaranteed:

  • A filmmaker gets an appropriate model for his new projects and stays satisfied with the saved costs.
  • A local lender monetizes his goods and is pleased with the profit for low-use equipment he stores in the attic.

The BorrowPort peer-to-peer marketplace is ready to represent four main reasons why local rental is a perfect idea for filmmakers (and not only for them). Why is it profitable to become a borrower of electronics, special-purpose tech items, and other goods now?

Reason 1: Cost-Effectiveness

It goes without saying that renting a camera is cheaper than purchasing it. Moreover, if you need to change film hardware every month to update your equipment and improve the quality of your content. The access-based model comes in handy when you need a new camcorder for a week and have no reasons to buy the gear of your interest.

By the way, borrowers can save up to 40-50% with the help of local rentals. No extra expenses and a wonderful result are waiting for you.

Reason 2: Fast Access

You can find film equipment easily and quickly, having contacted local lenders in several clicks. The BorrowPortplatform contains numerous listings to take into account. To get access to any model of lenses or camera, you need only to take a closer look at the catalog positions and select the most optimal one.

The process is far from complicated, so together with profitability, you can count on the fast deals for sure.

Reason 3: Individual Approach

Let’s imagine that you are searching for a Canon EOS C200B model for filming. Check its availability in the catalog. Use a search box to find all the offers from local lenders. That’s all – your personal deals are within arm’s reach. Everybody likes an individual approach when it comes to any orders. Local rentals are one of these great personal offerings you can count on.

Reason 4: Safety

Those who believe that purchase of new film gear will protect them from different risks are wrong. This misconception about rentals will go up in smoke very soon because all your interactions with local lenders of equipment are safe. The possibility of risks is minimum because all deals are insured.

Both borrowers and lenders have verified IDs and sign a Terms of Service agreement on the platform they are going to rent or lend anything. It is one of the most secure ways to get access to film gear risk-free. Additionally, each party on the BorrowPort marketplace obtains their own rating. Users rate their borrowers and lenders publicly to inform other potential rental consumers about their personal experience.

The Final Word

The present-day filmmakers are lucky to make their work economical and comfortable with the local rentals. There are four key reasons to take into consideration if you still have some doubts:

  1. Local rentals are cost-effective.
  2. Borrowers get fat access to film gear of their interest.
  3. Local rentals are about the individual approach and personal offers.
  4. All the rental deals are transparent and safe.

The BorrowPort community welcomes photographers, filmmakers, and other users with risk-free interactions that bring perfect experience (together with profit, of course) for each party. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned!

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