How to Become a Popular Lender – Helpful Tips to Approach Your Gear Monetization

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If you are a newcomer to the sharing economy, you may face some challenges at the very begging. For example, your gear listings are not in great demand among local borrowers. You can be disappointed with such a situation but it is no use to worry about it. The BorrowPort team has prepared ten helpful recommendations on how to earn back your gear. Very soon you will become in favor of willing borrowers who are glad to have a deal with you.

You are able to affect the situation with your gear bookings. Here you are – some tricks and common-place ideas to get recognition on the peer-to-peer rental platform. You will see that the number of profitable deals depends on you mostly.

#1 Be Active and Detail-Oriented

Imagine that borrowers are searching for a perfect candidate to rent the gear of their interest. Who is the most attractive lender for them? Of course, one can be responsible for his activities on the platform and provides immediate answers. Be active to get more bookings. This is an essential rule to follow. The response time should be as fast as possible. Your rating depends on this factor.

Additionally, stay polite with each talker you chat with. The general picture and overwhelming impression will be great if all the details are under your attention. For example, your tone of voice should be friendly, answers – quick, correct, and according to the asked matter.

#2 Make Your Account Eye-Catching

Do not neglect the quality of the information in your account. Provide borrowers with detailed listings, descriptions, high-quality photos. This is your proof that your gear works and is in good condition. By the way, those profiles that contain many details are more popular among users. Why? The reasons are obvious:

  • If you have much to say, you are a true owner of this catalog position.
  • Detailed listings characterize you as a responsible and honest owner of gear.
  • Photos from different camera angles say about your desire to show your goods from all the sides (so you are interested in rentals very much).

To sum up, you need to add a profile photo, fill all the gaps with personal data (contacts, your location, etc.), and detailed gear listings, photos, and descriptions. Personalize your profile to get public recognition as a trusted lender. Your borrowers are waiting for your responsible approach to your account! Do this and booking will not be long in coming!

#3 Be Generous in Reviews

Why do flagship companies pay much attention to their reviews on the Internet? Because the target audience is interested in the description of the experience other people write about. Having a dialog with potential borrowers pick sides with your reviews. Let him or her review your first and leave an honest review back. Those profiles that obtain many reviews are always ranked among first. Remember about it and do everything to make these reviews 100% positive!

#4 Become a Marketing Genius

Why not? Who bothers you when it comes to some marketing tips to find out? Google is your free assistant. Search for some marketing tricks to represent your listings brightly and make your catalog position interesting to otherBorrowPort users. For instance, you can read more about the rules of the marketer listings.

Speaking about marketing tricks that go without saying, they are qualitative photos (including your profile one), correct grammar and good language, friendly tone of voice. Good luck!

#5 Compliment Your Information with Shareable Links

Why not add more information besides your own listings, photos, and descriptions? What about YouTube videos about your gear? It’s a good idea to compliment your catalog item with additional information like unpacking videos, reviews of influencers and famous bloggers about your tech model, and so on.

#6 Follow the BorrowPort Tips

By the way, our platform helps you to do everything properly. Your renting gear will be booked soon if you do not neglect the recommendations of the BorrowPort marketplace. Check your account and fill some gaps or highlighted blocks in your profile. Maybe you could not get new bookings because you did not specify your contact information, location, or other details.

#7 Share Your Profile with Friends and Relatives

Increase your chances to get a booking with the help of your shareable link on your profile and rental gear. Who knows, maybe your colleagues, relatives, and friends do not know that you own the camera, tent, or other goods to lend. Additionally, you can use your special widget for sharing as well. Add a shareable link and widget on your website, social media networks, personal blog, and other web resources.

#8 Be Yourself

Be honest and open-minded. People like it when you are yourself. Do not try to take someone for a ride. First, you can lose confidence in your profile. Secondly, if people feel that they are told any cock-and-bull stories, they may mention this information in reviews. Your rating can be silt with such an unattractive image.

Do not try to hide some facts on your rental gear. For example, if you have several scratches on your photo camera, tell honestly about these defects. Those who really need the gear for filming or photo-making will not mind this. At the same time, the fact that you hid the availability of visible defects can ruin your reputation. Be yourself and have many bookings!

#9 The more words are written, the more booking you get

Do not think that people do not read your descriptions. If you face one inattentive borrower, it does not mean that all other consumers would be the same. Most of the BorrowPort users pay attention to each letter and word. That is why do not miss your opportunity to improve your profile with the help of detailed descriptions. You should mention the main specifications of your gear to be rented. This is an essential aspect of your listings.

Also, specify all notable features of your catalog item. There are various models with the same technical characteristics. For example, some borrowers can search for a Sony camera with 20.1 effective pixels. But your Canon has the same facilities. Why not rent your gear instead of that one of their interest? That is why it is important to describe your equipment in detail.

#10 Create some kind of FAQs

Each reputable website has a FAQ section where all the most popular questions are asked and responded to. You are the author of your account. Make it more eye-catching and interesting with the help of 5-10 FAQs with actual answers. Good luck!Monetize your gear with the BorrowPort marketplace! Join us on social media networks – Facebook, Instagram,Linkedin.

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