5 Facts About Sharing Economy You Would Be Surprised with

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The 21st century is the era of digitalization and innovations. People can choose anything they like from a big variety of goods, services, and opportunities to try. It goes without saying that the sharing economy is developing very fast now. Besides money exchange, it offers consumers to rent any item of their interest at an affordable price. In general, the sharing economy has a conception of the interchange. It is very convenient and budget-friendly in comparison with purchasing when it comes to some goods, movable and immovable property, etc.

The BorrowPort team is glad to represent you the most interesting facts about the sharing economy. You will be surprised by some of them for sure. Let’s take a look at our top-5 list.

#1 – The Statistics of Sharing Economy Impresses

The world discovered the sharing economy long ago. But certainly, now people find it a much more comfortable and profitable way to use services and products on the market. You will be surprised but about 44% of the world’s population is familiar with the sharing economy business model. And about 19% of people count on the offers on the sharing company global market.

According to the latest research, these statistical showings will grow each year. Because the sharing economy simplifies both routing and special-purpose tasks of present-day consumers.

#2 – Sharing Economy is Loved by Youth

It is well-understandable that young people are ready for changes and new ways of business interactions. According to the statistical data of 2020, only 18% of participants of sharing economy deals are over 55 years old. It means that youth is more attracted to rental services of accommodations like electrical facilities, photo and audio equipment, ride-sharing, and so on.

Nevertheless, it is great that even citizens of middle and pension age are interested in sharing economy models. It is awaited that the next three years the situation with age statistics will stay the same. But the following data details give us an opportunity to call the sharing economy the modern approach to rentals and exchange of funds.

#3 – A Double-Digit Pace for Peer-to-Peer Accommodations

This year is notable with really high rates of the sharing economy when it comes to the peer-to-peer model. People would like to rent bikes, autos, household appliances, apartments, and other goods. At the same time, the number of willing lenders also increases day by day. It means that each borrower can opt for a good offer of local service and product providers.

#4 – Electronic Items Are Among the Most Popular Lend-Borrow Objects

This fact can surprise you much but about 30% of borrowers and about 28% of modern lenders are ready to rent and hire electronics. These are washing machines, fridges, smartwatches, and TV sets. One category aspires to share their goods and get money, another group of share economy deals would like to rent electronic facilities and save some funds. Use our platform to become one of them. BorrowPort welcomes willing borrowers and lenders.  

#5 – Airbnb Story to Take into Account

One more curious story relates to one of the most successful sharing economy projects – Airbnb. This company provides not only flats, houses, and other property but islands! You will be surprised but there are many consumers who would like to become a true master of an exotic island for some period of time. There are about 1,400 available islands to rent! Additionally, Airbnb provides other opportunities that are on-demand among travelers.

If you are searching for a reliable platform to share your property or to borrow something important, we are glad to help you. The BorrowPort marketplace was created to assist you with these tasks!

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